Christendom is Not Over Yet

I was chatting with Shawn who just got back from his trip to St. Louis – on his way back he took a picture of an enormous Cross.  The site of it made my stomach turn, domesticating the cross, and then making it the size of a large building strips the cross of the brutality, and torture that came with along with it.   The severity of the Cross should never be overlooked.   The cross stood for Roman power, how odd to consider that the crucifix stood for “empire” and how often the American church has uncritically supported our own “empire.”  Then Shawn showed me an even sadder sight.

Cross of America – America’s new symbol of Unity and Remembrance.

We know that Christendom has not fallen and that Christ’s work on the cross has been handed over to the empire when we see images like this.

Ironically, when Jesus was on the cross it was because he was subverting the powers, calling them into question, he was a threat to the Roman government and that is why he died an “insurrectionist’s” death.   The Church is called to be a witness to the nations, a prophetic voice that calls people to reconcilliation with God, peace and Justice.  To use this symbol to promote empire sentiments is slightly missing the point of…well…the entire Gospel.

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