Cheap Mac Apps for Students and Teachers

I’ve been thinking about compiling one of those “favorite apps” posts that we mac users like to do (too often no doubt).  But in keeping with the tradition of mac-lovers I thought it would be good for someone to have a limited list of apps useful for educational purposes (i.e. cheap and easy to use). Here areemos   especially useful for students, teachers, and teaching assistants.

The Free Mac Programs

Open Office – For Editing Documents
A free open source document editor that works like Microsoft Word and costs $150 less. You will need to install X11 but it’s not that hard to do.

Gimp and Seashore   For Image Editing
Gimp is a free image editor that also works on Mac’s X11, but it works well and is great for getting images ready for papers, presentations and blogs.  Seashore is based off of Gimp but doesn’t require you to install X11, it has a limit to what you can do but if you need something quick and easy the check it out.

Flock – For Blogging, Web-Browsing, Online Bookmarking, RSS and Image Hosting
Flock is an amazing app that will make it easy for you to do online research with its tagging system built in. It also does blogging and image hosting super easily. If you need a simple RSS app then it also has that built in. Flock is a great asset to my as a student and professional.

Skype and Adium – Stay in Touch For Free with Friends and Family Back Home.
Skype is a great application that let’s you talk to other skype users for free over the internet.  Once installed it’s very easy to use and the best part is you can talk to anyone anywhere for free.  It’s a perfect way to call home or talk with friends.  Adium is a chat program that makes it really easy to keep up with all the different instant messenger programs.  Though it isn’t as beautiful as ichat, it is way more powerful.

ibackup – An Easy Way to Backup School Documents to Your Ipod or other Disks
If you’re writing papers and have other infor you can’t afford to get lost in a hard drive failure, don’t buy a backup program just use this and backup to your favorite external disk.

Mac Programs with a Cost (but worth it)

Delicious Library – Library Cataloging Program – Cost $40

As you build up your library you will need to have this program in order to keep track of your books, search them, and for insurance purposes.  It even exports to Library Thing an wonderful online library catalog.  The great thing about Delicious LIbrary is that it integrates your calendar, address book, and even your digital camera which allows you to scan barcodes of books for easy input.

Voice Candy – Audio Recorder   Cost $12.95

Do you need to record your classes or record notes to yourself?  Voice Candy is a simple app that makes this really easy and fun.

Accordance – Mac Bible Software
Up until a few months ago accordance had the corner market on Bible software, but I think it is still the best one on the market.  If you need softwaree for School that has exegetical tools.

Endnote – Bibliographic Reference Tool – Cost $239.95While I think $240 is a bit high for this program, you should check to see if your school has a free copy for you I know my library gave me one for free.  Even still this program is a powerhouse, it connects to just about any library you need to pull down bibliographic information from.  I can compile huge bibliographies, and allow you to make extensive notes on titles.  I know I am going to be using it to keep track of all these books I will be reading for my dissertation.