@BYM – How to Track the Britain Yearly Meeting Online

We’ve begun Britain Yearly Meeting today and the blog is up and running full steam ahead.  We’ve added some links, pictures, and the Quaker logo on the sidebar and there are at least six new posts just from today.  There are five of us writing and if you’re interested in seeing what we’re writing about, experiencing and looking at (we’ve got loads of pictures) there are a number of ways to do that.

I’ve put the blog’s feed on my sidebar for the weekend.  You can just visit the BYM blog, you can visit QuakerQuaker, which is catching all pictures and blog posts for BYM via some serious Quaker magic.  And you can also visit my twitter as I will be updating it often with weekend tidbits.  I suppose after this I won’t say much about it, until I give some overall reflection on the weekend.

Oh and if you’re not familiar with what a yearly meeting is, it’s where Quakers gather (coming from all over the globe) to do the business of keeping the organization running, as well as worship, fellowship and eat lots of tasty food.

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