Burnside Review: Lovedrug – Everything Starts Where It Ends

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Burnside Writers Collective has written a worthy review ofLovedrug’s new album – Everything Starts Where It Ends.  Even though I am friends with a couple of the guys in the band I really like Lovedrug’s music and their new album.  This review shows I am not the only one.

As a sidenote I found this quote on their website from Michael Shepherd, front-man of the band, and thought it was a great comment about all the illegal downloading of music happening on the web.

If all of you out there in Download-ville WANT me to break up the band, then by all means illegally burn copies of our record and download them to your heart’s content. If you DON’T want me to break up the band then PLEASE, have a heart and buy it. Tell your friends to buy it. Have your dog buy it. Have your dog’s kids buy it. Every time someone out there burns a copy of our record (even if you are spreading the good word, which we appreciate) you should definitely keep in mind that you are not “screwing a record label”, you are not “sticking it to the man”, you are not “beating the system”, what you are doing is slowly but surely putting me and my bandmates out of a job… and when that happens… we won’t be able to make records anymore because we won’t be able to afford to. This might sound like elitist artist bullshit.. but I assure you it is not. You can’t possibly fathom just how close to starving WE really are. Thank you for your cooperation.
Michael and the gang

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