Books for Sale

I apologize in advance for this post, it’s soliciting sales. Recently I talked about decluttering, and as a part of that process I have been getting rid of books, lots of books. Currently, I have sold more than 30, and have 30 or more still for sale. Anyways, the point of all this is to say, if you’re interested in theology, philosophy and biblical studies books take a look at my Amazon store front. Some are used, some are like new or new. I like to think most of my prices are pretty cut-throat, well, mainly because they are. When I post a book on Amazon I make it a general rule to undercut everyone’s prices! 😉 The name of the game for me is to get rid of these books not get rich off them. Anyways, I’ve also posted a link to my store front in the blogroll, if you care to ever return. The customer service is very personable, and the coffee is great.