Blogging Goals for G.i.L. in 2007 – A Blogger’s New Year’s Resolution

The new year is finally here, not that I was in a rush to get here but with a sense of anticipation we’re facing another year of exciting prospects. In keeping with a trend common among many bloggers (see Copy Blogger, Fernando and Glenn Worsely) I thought I’d follow up with some of my own resolutions for the new year.

Unquantifiable Goals

Better Writing-Better Quality: I’ve been a blogger for a long time, but only within the last year have I tried to hone my blog writing skills.  This year I hope to continue to improve on my writing.  I’d like to improve in my writing mechanics, and I am going to try and focus on keeping my “featured” articles between 500-700 words.  I also plan to offer a broad array of subjects within my field (theology and culture) in hopes of gaining a wide reader base.

More Non-fiction Book Reviews: I’ve written a few book reviews this past year but I will be adding to this list more and more as I continue to plow through books for my studies at Fuller.

Content Focus for 2007: Here are some of the things I will be writing about in the new year: global information culture and globalization, Quaker history, virtues and practices in post-modern culture, convergent Quakerism, ‘progressive’ theology and culture, and of course random technology and educational posts.  Oh and don’t worry it will all be fairly ‘subversive.’ 😉

More Focus on Content and Less on Design: Last Year I switched my blog design numerous times, and I know that can often take away from what’s happening in the content.

Version AVersion BVersion C

There were many more variations before these three, but that was before I was really keeping track. I anticipate one major redesign in the next year sometime and that will be all.

Move Successfully to A Faster More Premium Server: Due to winning Paul’s recent I plan to move over to Media Temple, which will mean a more reliable and faster blog.

Facilitate More Discussion – Learn from Each Other: Plan on seeing more posts posing questions as I try to help facilitate more conversation here.  I know I’ve learned a ton from all of you in the past year and I’d like to continue in that trend.

Guest Bloggers –  FAQs and Articles: Finally I’ll be continuing to work on the FAQs we’ve begun so that I can continue to have more people write on this site, but I also hope to get some guest writers for articles that fit in with the topics covered.

A Couple Quantifiable Goals

Increase Traffic: I need some quantifiable goals for the new year and so I hope to increase traffic and subscribers.   I think I will be aiming to crack the 200 mark in subscribers this year, which I’d consider pretty wonderful for a small-time theology/Quaker blog such as mine.  I appreciate all of you who continue to read what I write here and I hope that I can add to this list!

Increase Technorati Ranking to 25,000: Currently my Blog has a Technorati ranking of 34,016 (404 links from 96 blogs).

Help Grow The Daily Scribe Project: As the current leader of one of the best religion blogging communities online I hope to help cultivate and grow that community in hopes of helping all the people involved with that project.

That’s all I can think of for now but it was fun to sit and think through this a bit and get a plan for the new year.  Thanks to everyone else who wrote out goals it was helpful to see what other’s plan to do as well.

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