April 25, 2005 7:18:13 AM

what a weekend.  starting with thursday i helped a buddy shoot his film for an LA wide event called 168.  He asked me to shoot the whole thing but about 2 hours into it he took the camera and did it himself – so that was kind of a bummer.  I ended up just doing boom stuff and being an extra which is much less interesting (to me) than shooting it.  thursday night we went to this hip hop thing at fuller where i filmed that.  then friday night i was asked to film the festival of nations which is basically all the international students make food from their different countries and the rest of fuller comes and chows down.  it is a blast.  my buddy chase and his wife kate and their 1 month old Wren came over saturday night to kick it with us, Hebrew National style (to kick off the passover).  okay we didn’t actually mean to kick off the passover but  i guess we inadvertently did, and with Hebrew National hot dogs nonetheless (on the grill Canton Ohio style…(?)…

That make me remember the “good ol days” back on 8th street when we would just randomly invite all our friends over for a cook out on our front porche in our happy little downtown home and since we have such a small grille we would do the meal in shifts.   some friends would go up into our music room and play on my Rhodes, the guitars and drumset have an instantaneous jam session.  what great times.

anyways – we did something like that on saturday with the Roden’s and their sweet new daughter.  Chase helped me add another hard drive (the fourth) to my video editing computer so i can keep pumping out the videos for all the world to…wonder why i am making videos…

Then on sunday we got to kick it with our good friend Tressa Watts from good ol’ BFYG, and Barberton Ohio – home of the chicken champions – though i think i may be the only one who is proud of that fact.  Tressa was in Anaheim for a school related convention and since she had all of sunday afternoon off we went down to hang out.  it was a lot of fun, we went to laguna beach and walked around there for a few hours.  then i got a ticket by a very un-nice cop who pulled me over for making a U turn over double yellow lines.  I didn’t know you couldn’t do that, i thought you could make a U turn anywhere in CA – so now i have to go back to driving school.  i wonder if i should take my laptop for notes like i do at Fuller?

I was glad that it was Tressa’s first time being in a car that is pulled over, that i got to show her the ropes a little, yet keep everything under control at the same time, i made sure nobody got to out of hand, except for the part where emily can the female officer – “sir” on accident.  i got a little worried there, but no sweat i made up for it by putting a sock in emily’s mouth and telling the officer that my daughter has turrets syndrome.  the lady gave me a ticket and that was it, i guess they are going to mail me a bill or a court date or whatever.  dang it! its been like 7-8 years since i have gotten a ticket.

well – it was fun hanging out with Tressa and hearing her stories about all the BFYG kids.  good stuff. we miss everyone back home but for now we are making due in this crazy place they call LAhmajune.