Putting Ads on Blogs: And Why I Can’t Do It Anymore

I’ve debated over the topic of whether I should have advertisements on ol’ gathering in light since I starting using wordpress back in February.   Some of you have noticed the on and off frequency of this site having ads, this was because I was trying to see if I had reactions one way or the other.  The only feedback I got was negative, “why do you have advertisements on your blog?”

I also wanted to see how much money I would make by having them up, well needless to say I

realized it didn’t really factor up to a hill of beans.  I also realized that I will never be one of those “power-bloggers” (not to be confused with the power-team) where I make my living from writing articles on my blog and raking in revenue for google’s ad-sense.  I guess even if that ever did happen I’ve decided to reserve this website as an ad-free place.  I make it a point to not wear clothes that advertise, why should my internet persona be any different?

When posed with the question, “Why do you have ads on your blog?” I thought,”Now that’s a good question, so good in fact that I think I will take them off.”

My reasons for having ads on the site were:

1) Most of the really popular bloggers do it, why can’t I?

2) It makes it look more official.

3) I might be able to earn enough so that my blog pays for itself.

4) I like to try things out on my site – so why not try out ads on it?

My reasons for taking the ads off:

1) None of those top four reasons have any, or very little, to do with theological reasoning.  #3 might be my only justification but I would have to reason it like this, “I shouldn’t spend money on a site, so if it earns enough to pay for itself then I am okay in spending the money.”

But let’s face it, not only is that circular reasoning, but my web host siteground (Just a heads-up, I’ve added my referral ID so if you sign-up via that link I will get a few free months) only charges $4.95 a month, I think I can cope with that.  Plus I look at my  having a site as “professional development” so its something worth investing in.  Getting a referral to siteground every once in a while, as is the case, seems to be my one way in which I will accept a little “handout…”

2) A lot of really popular bloggers don’t have them.

3) I realized that as a Christian Quaker who tries to live out and encourage simplicity, frugality, and a middle finger to the big corporations and media conglomerates, advertising for these money hungry mongrels doesn’t really line up with anything I actually believe in(I am joking about the middle finger I don’t actually ever do that..yet).

4) My site actually looks better without ads.

5) I still can advertise for people and organizations that I do like without receiving money for it, just because I like what they are doing.  Such as my little “buttons” at the bottom right corner of

this page.

6) If you take the ads off, you can get a really cool non-ad ad from the ad free blog site (another embedded ad).
7) I have decided to dedicated the bottom-middle spot of my footer for ads – if you’d like to get a one or two week spot, just depends on how busy I am, contact me and tell me why I should advertise for you and most likely I will.

I Don’t Mind Ads Elsewhere

Finally, I have a number of friends who have ads on their sites, I am not in any way, shape, or form attacking your usage of advertisements.  I am sure that you have your own good reasons for using them, and frankly it doesn’t matter to me whether you do or don’t, but in my case I didn’t feel that it was really consistent with everything else I do, talk about doing and wish I’d do.
I am curious to hear thoughts from people who do use them, who don’t, and even from people who have blogs whether you mind ads or not.

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