a disappearing act? xfba comments

Further investigation into the XFBA matter leaves us with these points:

1. The XFBA.org website is being dismantled (either that or edited to reflect the major changes in the organization).  The front page no longer leads to any links into the information on their website, you have to access those pages directly.

I saved the links to their site so they can still be accessed for now:






2. We have multiple confirmed reports that at least a number of the marketing staff have been fired.
What we’ve been told is that they were supposed to get paid $500 on monday, but that the staff was fired yesterday.  Can anyone else confirm this?

3. Players have been in contact with media sources and people are beginning to think about legal implications.

4. Players still have 10 days until their promised first game and paychecks.

5. Many people do not believe this to be a scam (including myself) but just a poorly run business that’s played on people’s dreams and let them down, which has lead to a number of comments about wanting some kind of public apology from the CEO’s of the league.

6. At least one person within the last week has been fired for standing up to the leader’s of the league for the way they’ve been treated.

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