#7 Wess (but I’m the actual real person)

So I thought I’d google my name today – wess – (oh, notice the 2 S’s that’s key) and see where I am at on the cool factor!  In other words the closer to the top of the page on google you are the “cooler” you are.


Well it looks like I am currently #7.  Not to bad considering just how many people are in the world, I thought at first, but then I started looking a little closer.  Are these 6 Wess’s before me even Human?  I mean look at WESS Home: It says he undergoes maintenance everyday…what kind of Wess is he?

Am I being beaten out by computers, radiostations and other random acronyms? I am going to have to study these other Wess’s a bit more before I devise a plan to reach the top.