Speaking Life and Bringing Hope

I posted an entry just prior to this one that will be infact my message at my sister’s wedding tomorrow.  October 1.  She is 18 and is getting married to her boyfriend since she was 13.  I am performing the wedding.  There is part of me that doesn’t want to do, I guess it is that part of me that doesn’t like to be up in front of people for fear of messing up.  But for the most part I am excited about it, and am happy to be the one who has the opportunity to speak into the life of not only my sister and brother and law, but also all those there – there are many marriages on the rocks represented and I hope that the Spirit can speak through me in a way that brings some healing and hope to the idea of marriage.  I have found healing, hope and beautiful love in my own marriage and wish that all people could believe in the power that lies behind such a spiritual act.