This weekend Emily and I went up to San Jose to kick if with my Cousin Rick and Julia, and their really cool little daughter Enya.  We went to Berkeley on Saturday for part of the afternoon, which was really awesome.  This was my first time in No.Cal and it felt like the place to be, compared with So.Cal.  I got to visit the first ever – Peet’s coffee and tea (the graphic is actually a picture from that store) – this for those of you who know my routine out here, know that that alone was worth the price of the day.  But then we found Berkeley’s Monthly Meeting House which just so happens by the providence of God to be on the opposite side of the street as Peet’s – I could throw my coffee cup at either building, but of course i won’t do that because that would liter such a fabulous corner.  Then we went to the Cheese Board upon Rick’s suggestion that we would love it, and dang it he was right.  we spent at least 25 min. in there trying fancy pants teas and getting great baked goods.  The moral of the story is, now I have looked at UC Berkeley to inquire about their history PhD.  Who knows, it may be a whim but a cool one at that.

Anyways – Up until a few days ago I couldn’t see myself (or my family) living in california for very long, but the cool breeze of the north country has redeemed that image for me.  I am not saying that this is what we will do, but it sure is nice to have a change of heart once in a while.