I am a human being
I am a White man and I bare the scares of those before me
I am a critical person born to drug-doing, free-loving hippies
I am a dreamer and I dream in my films
I am a friend who wants to befriend the unlovely
I am a believer in the unseen
I am a believer in the obvious and hard to varify
I am a husband in love with my young and lovely wife
I am a door-stop and a keeper of two worlds juxtoposed to one another
I am a folk singer making prophetic words sound like everyday apathetic readings
I am a speaker of unheard truths
I am an american who does not want to be rich
I am one who does not want to live in the suburbs, or be the “american dream.”
I am the american dream because I dream of what america might have been
I am the american dreamer because I dream of what american is not
I am a thinker and philospher, a theologian, student and quaker informed by my predecessors – wondering if you know what you are and what informs that knowing?