Useless in the kingdom

what is theology if it doesn’t help humanity?  we often make a theology, because that is what it is, human made, and render it divine.  the problem with that is then that we make our human made theologies the the forms to which we must understand the world around us, and often times it is these theologies that enslave us, hurt us, and prevent healing.  when we become slaves to our own theology then we have put our theology in the place of God.  Now anyone who has done this will of course have a great difficulty in knowing that they have done this but it remains that we must always only allow our theology to be a tool to understand, and when it no longer makes sense of what we experience and know, then it must be adjusted – adjusting theology is much different than adjusting God or the Bible because our theology is only a lense through which we must look at the Bible and God – we cannot see them otherwise.  However sometimes we can’t see very well through that lense or we make the lense a permenant part of our eye and in that case we have become useless in the kingdom.