Nouwen and Silence

I read this morning.
It is working on me and is true for me as well as for Nouwen.
Lord I need to quiet myself.

“Many people ask me to speak, but nobody as yet has invited me for silence.  Still, I realize that the more I speak, the more I will need silence to remain faithful to what I say.  People expect too much from speaking and too little from silence.”
~ Henry Nouwen  The Genesee Diary p.134

I slept hard, I don’t really remember anything, i don’t even know if I moved.  I am overcoming the anxiety i have had, I am trying to get it all under control.

I have a lot to learn about myself and how to be healthy.  How to know where the limit is.  I am possibly joining a small group of artists at fuller to work on some projects this is another thing I am excited about but want to make sure it is the right fit – make sure I am not doing to much.


Finally I learned today from my wife, why I became a Quaker.  It is because of their sense of fashion. When I was showing her some pictures of the Beatles that I love and how cool the guys look,Grandma Death told me that George looked like a Quaker and that’s why I became one!  I never looked at it that way.  She is always so right about me….

Oh and for an explanation on our new names read the Lazlo files