Americans, Rights, and Voting

“MY Right”

I like millions of others voted today, the painless process of excersizing “my right.”  there was a sense of satisfaction every time i clicked that little “inkavote” pen.  i did wonder who keeps thinking of these out-dated forms of voting.  I was glad that it was in a retirement home also – the elderly seem to me to know much more about politics than anyone else i’ve ever met.  they always appear to have such a nuanced position…hmmm…i guess after generations of time you would become nuanced.

anyways i found this and though i know it doesn’t make much difference on who to vote for, i thought this was incredibly well put.

these are seven things to think about when voting (or for that matter thinking about politics at all). these are from a pastor in Indiana named John Hay Jr.

1. I ask of any candidate’s or administration’s positions and proposals, “What does it do to the poor?”

2. I do not expect the American president to be a Christian or my brand of Christian.

3. I recognize that the priorities of the kingdom of God and the agendas of American presidents and governments are not the same.

4. I look for a candidate who I think will lead compassionately, not just talk about compassion.

5. I recognize that most “all-or-nothing” issues cast during election campaigns are NOT “all-or-nothing.”

6. I ask, “How has a candidate responded to violence or used violence? And how does he or she plan to respond to and use it in the future?”

7. I consider how candidates envision America’s place and role in the world.