Rob’s Conversation with Rob Lowe

Here is an email my good friend Rob Strong sent me earlier today its worth the humor:

“I was on a film shoot from noon till 2a.m.  Liu and I are doing extra work for our new hobby.  ‘Gotta shoot the breeze with Rob Lowe about 1 a.m.

The conversation went something like this:




The buzzer buzzes, a room full of extras sigh with relief, and Rob, the extra runs up to the assistant director, grimacing and holding his crotch like a little school-boy.

                                                           ROB STRONG

                                     Oh, God!  Please!  We have five minutes

                                     till the next shot gets set up.  I’m an old

                                     man, and I’ve gotta take care of my

                                     prostate!  My bladder’s distended like a

                                     playground kickball.

The Assistant Director waves Rob on without even looking, continuing to argue with the other Assistant Director through his head-set.

                                                      ASS. DIRECTOR


                                    Just don’t try to come back in if the red

                                    light’s on!                                        

Rob smacks open the steel door, and stops for a second enjoying the cool night air.  He begins to stroll quickly down the sidewalk toward the bathroom-for-extras on the other side of the trailers.  He hears the door open again behind him and turns briefly to see a black-clad figure walking swiftly just behind him.

                                                  ROB LOWE

                                  How’s it goin’.

                                                 ROB STRONG

                                 Hey, man, okay.  I’ve got a tank load of

                                 coffee to get rid of.  I didn’t know we’d be

                                 here this late.

                                                  ROB LOWE

                                 Yeah.  I know.  I’m gettin’ ready to go

                                 fire some up myself.

                                                 ROB STRONG

                                 Right on, man.  See ya.

                                                 ROB LOWE


Rob Strong continued to stroll swiftly toward the bathroom, his distended bladder taking up more thought space than the brief encounter with celebrity.

As he peed into the urinal, he grinned with elated relief.  Then he thought to himself


                                  Holy shit!  I just talked with Rob Lowe

                                  about piss and coffee.??