Dress Down Friday Student Tools Edition, Nas and Feist on the Street

Today’s Dress-Down Friday has an assortment of links for you to enjoy throughout the day.

A reader named Mark sent in a list of his favorite student web-tools and I thought I’d go ahead and share them here for the rest of you because they are pretty cool. He writes:

  1. scanr.com – You email them a series of jpg photos of a document (or if you’re very bold a library book) and they send it back after a while in pdf format, all cleaned up and hi-contrast. Very handy in the library if you need a section of a book to read later and the book is non-lending. Plus you don’t have to pay for photocopying or waste any paper. All you need is a small digital camera. I use a small cybershot cell phone.
  2. Evernote.com – This is a note organizing and sharing system. It’s web based but you can get a Mac desktop client (and windows if you’re that way inclined). The reason I mention it is because IT CAN SEARCH HANDWRITING! I’ve only tested it briefly but i’d say it’s 80-90% effective, and my handwriting is barely legible. Check it out.
  3. Notebook – This is software from Circus Pony software. Pretty sure it’s Mac only. It looks just like a notebook, with tabs etc, but it can be expanded of course to as many pages as you need and it self-indexes. I’m considering it for next term.

Moving on to other student items and random tidbits: