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  • Testimony as Consequence, Not Value by Pink Dandelion Reading Notes

    Here are my reading notes of Pink Dandelion’s “Testimony as Consequence, Not Value” from Friends Quarterly Vol 35. No 5 2007. It has been progressively summarized for you. The full article can be found below. This article has been informative for me framing the problems of reducing Quaker principles and practices down to lists over […]

  • New On The Shelf | Corey Beals, Carole Spencer and David Yount

    This week I have three new Quaker books I wanted to share with all of you. “Holiness: The Soul of Quakerism” is her dissertation boiled down into book form and promises to be one of the most original historical and theological accounts of Quakerism to date. In this book Spencer argues for the Holiness roots […]