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  • Testimony as Consequence, Not Value by Pink Dandelion Reading Notes

    Here are my reading notes of Pink Dandelion’s “Testimony as Consequence, Not Value” from Friends Quarterly Vol 35. No 5 2007. It has been progressively summarized for you. The full article can be found below. This article has been informative for me framing the problems of reducing Quaker principles and practices down to lists over […]

  • Presenting on Convergent Friends at FAHE in June

     So much for a really creative title! It was the best I could think of at this hour. Anyways, Last year at this time I was living in Birmingham England, away from my pregnant wife, finishing up my first year of doctoral studies and working on Quaker theology with a guy named Pink (see my three […]

  • Liturgies of Quakerism Review in The Friend

    For all those of you who get a copy of The Friend, the only weekly Quaker publication in the world, you will see my review of the Ben Pink Dandelion’s 2005 book Liturgies of Quakerism in this week’s edition. It’s pretty neat to finally get something in The Friend and I hope there will be […]