Tag: Pedagogy

  • Building a Participatory Pedagogy

    Given my love for teaching, and my forced time off this winter semester, a time I would typically be teaching, and the various teaching opportunities I have with Camas Friends, I have been reflecting a lot on what it means for me to be an educator. I want to share some of the key building blocks I am […]

  • Using Wiki’s for Class Collaboration – Fall Quarter 2008

    This year I will be assisting Ryan Bolger (his new website) in his classes again, for the fall quarter we’re doing Church in Mission. Over the last three years I’ve TA’d a number of different classes with him and he’s always doing some really great things with technology and the classroom. Our typical approach has been […]

  • Returning to Woodbrooke

    It’s been really nice to return to Woodbrooke Quaker Study Center this past week. I’ve been here now for about a week and a half and have just about that much time left in the UK before I make a return trip to Ohio for a little vacation with the family. The familiarity of returning […]

  • Thoughts on Pedagogy: Does Technology in The Classroom Help or Hurt?

    A couple weeks back I had the great privilege to meet with some of the faculty and staff at the school where I attend, to discuss updating the classrooms on campus for better learning. The school was recently awarded a grant with this specific task in mind. One question raised was “What are the best […]

  • Setting Up Delicious for Researching The Web

    One of my favorite free, online tools is the social bookmarking website known as delicious (see my del.icio.us). Because I read a lot of blogs, and visit websites all the time I need a way to remember which ones were really good, which ones offer great critiques about such and such, and which sites I’d […]