Tag: Green Living

  • One Argument For Taking the Climate Crisis Seriously

    I found this video on my Friend Joe’s, Peace Church, website. The video presents an argument for why we ought to take the climate crisis seriously, regardless of whether you believe that there is an actual crisis or not. What do you think, do you find this guy’s argument convincing? [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bDsIFspVzfI&rel=1&border=1&w=500&h=441]

  • How To Start A Compost Bin In The City (With Little Money)

    Today thousands of bloggers are writing posts on their sites trying to raise awareness on environmental issues. More and more people everyday are growing in their concern for our daily impact on the environment. I’ve written a lot about this, and will continue to do so, not because I am some specialist or know much […]

  • Bloggers Join Blog Action Day Oct. 15

    Some of you may be interested in joining in the event planned for this Monday. Blogactionday.org is calling for all bloggers to discuss one issue, the environment. They’ve are already close to 14,000 blogs who have signed up to write something. I’ve got a couple ideas up my sleeves, but not sure which one I […]

  • Dress Down Friday | WordPress Themes, Wes Anderson, Google Mashups

    Every week I post a random assortment of links, videos, pictures just for fun. In this week’s edition of “Dress Down Friday” I have found some fun stuff this week ranging from LA Metro/Google Map Mashups and new solar powered messenger bags! For wordpress users who have your own hosting, check out this theme generator. […]