• Remixing the Bible

    I bumped into this little cover image for the bible a few days ago and it got me thinking what people find acceptable when it comes to redesigning or “remixing” the bible through art. This has been happening for centuries. Sacred text depicted in art-form is nothing new.* This particular image is not ground-breaking in […]

  • Morning Prayer

    This is a morning prayer written by Walter Rauschenbusch I have been praying this month as I work on my dissertation.

  • Writing-Sabbatical Update #2

    My study for week #2. This past week I made good progress towards my goal of writing four chapters for my dissertation this month. I’m not sure if my strategy is the best – And I’m not sure I want you to tell me if you think otherwise – but the goal is to get […]

  • Writing-Sabbatical Update #1

    This past week I began a four-week “writing sabbatical,” and the whole thing went really well. The church was generous to release me from my responsibilities so that I could commit focused-time to working on my dissertation. The goal is to work my typical 40+ hours a week but spend that time writing – so […]

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