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  • following wise guys

    today emily and i taught our Sunday School, and the lesson today was on the three “wise guys” as I like to call them and how they followed a star to find the baby Jesus. It was a lot of fun, we dressed up, well the three boys in our class dressed up as the wise guys and then for some reason I decided to be a fourth guy, kind of like a tour guide around the classroom – the catch was that I had a pirate like accent (I have no Idea where that came from).

  • thoughts on class

    Taking his lead I thought I would do something similar.First I wanted to post the links for their group work, which consisted of ten groups creating wikis (and some groups did podcasts for extra credit) that dealt with an issue in today’s world, a background to the issues, and how Jesus followers (and congregations) might respond to these issues.1…. In this class the students became specialists of their certain fields, able to at least in some degree offer knowledge, resources and possible ideas about how congregations can go about educating and responding to these issues.For me it was a lot of work to keep up on all their individual blogs, group blogs and work on their wikis – but because of their work I felt like I got to see learning in action.

  • coming out of the muck

    out of the muck im getting through. things are looking good today. I am coming back, up the long hall, still swinging, still crawling along. i am like S. Weaver in Aliens, or Arnold in terminator. Well not really, but it fun to sound tough. Actually things are on the up and up, i am […]