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  • What Are Your Favorite Quaker Books?

    I just finished reading Martin’s post about him finally finishing John Woolman’s Journal and it got me thinking about how I enjoyed Woolman’s journal so much.  Then I started thinking more about books (not something that’s all that hard to do, really.)  This reminded me to take “A Description of The Qualifications Necessary to A […]

  • Reflections on Doing Quaker Research

    For class we were asked to write a short reflection on our spiritual journey and how it’s led us to doing the kinds of dissertations we’re preparing for.  I thought I would post it mainly because I don’t think I’ve written much about my personal journey, my “convincement??? or why I am doing the research […]

  • Research Design – Some Preliminary Questions

    Today we spent 8:30-5 minus 1.5 hours for lunch talking about what research is, why it’s important, what our research will entail and why we are doing it.  It wasn’t a bad day, considering how long the day was I was able to stay pretty well engage.  We did a fair amount of group work […]

  • So School Begins Today: What’s Coming up For Gathering In Light

    This past friday I finished up one year tenure as Fuller Seminary’s textbook buyer.  I began working at the bookstore in the beginning of summer 2005 and shortly thereafter I took over with this full-time position.  Well, even though I had a hard time adjusting to full-time work and no school I have enjoyed the […]

  • Cheap Mac Apps for Students and Teachers

    I’ve been thinking about compiling one of those “favorite apps” posts that we mac users like to do (too often no doubt). But in keeping with the tradition of mac-lovers I thought it would be good for someone to have a limited list of apps useful for educational purposes (i.e. cheap and easy to use). […]