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  • New Essay on The Speed of Group Discernment I’ve posted a longer essay on the process of group discernment and some of the things that help move group discernment forward and some of the things that get in the way and keep it from moving along smoothly. This essay is over on my medium blog. Here is an excerpt: …When it comes […]

  • Upcoming Trip to FCNL Meeting in November

    I’ll be heading to the FCNL Annual Meeting in November and will be speaking on Sunday morning. I’m looking forward to the time and meeting folks who are a part of that great organization. Here is a post I wrote for their blog in preparation for our time together there. It is largely about the […]

  • Convergent Friends  on The “Quaker Faith & Podcast”

    MacKenzie Morgan, also known as “Maco” online, of the Quaker Faith & Podcast interviewed me while she was in Greensboro at Guilford College this past week for the Friends Association of Higher Education Conference. I had a lot of fun chatting with MacKenzie about Convergent Friends, Remix and Participatory Culture. If you have a few […]

  • Revelation at Great Plains Yearly Meeting

    Revelation at Great Plains Yearly Meeting

    This past week, I had the opportunity to travel to Great Plains Yearly Meeting, gathered in Wichita, KS to speak about the book of Revelation. The yearly meeting itself was a lovely and joyous gathering, they welcomed new meetings into their group, celebrate past members, and besides getting business done, they had a lot of […]

  • The Challenge of “Truth” – Part 2

    This is the second of a three-part post on whether or not Quakers can be “Publishers of Truth” today. In this series I want to talk about how I think early Quakers understood what it meant to be “publishers of truth” in earlier years (Part 1), just a couple challenges we face when it comes […]