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  • Have Your Lamps Lit: The Practice of Growing in Awareness

      I’ve been reflecting on the passage from the Gospel of Luke 12:35ff this week where Jesus says the words, “Be dressed for action and have your lamps lit; 36 be like those who are waiting for their master to return from the wedding banquet, so that they may open the door for him as […]

  • Thinking Core Stories

    Core Stories To state the obvious: all organizations have life cycles. That is true whether we are thinking about faith communities, businesses, non-profits, schools, etc. We could think of organizations as a collected and sustained series of stories over time. It might be easier to think about the role of stories in our personal lives […]

  • It Is Closer Than You Think

    Is faith always a long reach out of hand? I wonder when I see people searching, struggling to find God if the thought is the more distant the revelation, the greater the conversion? One of the underlying practices in certain parts of the Christian Church is to praise those who have had the most dramatic […]

  • Discerning Endings

    New beginnings are hard. Endings may be even harder. It is hard to say goodbye. It is hard to see all the hard work, all the investment evaporate before our very eyes. It is hard to know when to let go. Some endings are not hard. Some endings are more like heroic escapes in the […]

  • New EBook is Out! Resisting Empire: The Book of Revelation as Resistance  

    Hi Everyone, I’m so excited to announce that my new EBook from Barclay Press on the book of Revelation is now out. It is available through Check it out!