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  • Views on The Current Political Milieu: McClendon and Bonhoeffer

    Yesterday, I read through McClendon’s chapter on Bonhoeffer’s life. In the chapter he explores Bonhoeffer’s influences, his theological and spiritual development, and his work with an underground seminary that sought to support and uphold the confessing church in Germany during Hitler’s reign. Finally, as his fellow Christians in the confessing church gave into, surrendered and […]

  • We Too Need an “I’m Sorry Day”: Concerning the Recent Abortion Murder

    Jarrod McKenna’s posted on the God’s Politics Blog about the “I’m Sorry Day” Australian’s celebrate every year as a remind that “there is no future without confessing and seeking to heal the pain of the genocide of Aboriginal peoples and the evils that created the ‘stolen generation.’” It’s a good short post and he links […]

  • New York Quakers On Torture

    The New York Yearly Meeting of Quakers put a minute together on torture and then made a video of people reading it. I thought it was good enough to share with all of you. [youtube=]

  • Is It The End Of Our SUV Lifestyle?

    I just finished reading Tom Sine’s recent book, “The New Conspirators: Creating The Future One Mustard Seed at a Time,” for a review in a Friends’ periodical. It’s a book I highly recommend for those of you involved in ministry currently, or are interested in getting into ministry (however that may look) at some later […]

  • Witnessing History: Barack Obama Becomes President

    Yesterday, we witnessed history-in-the-making; NY Times headline reads: Obama Takes Oath, and Nation in Crisis Embraces the Moment. Wherever we were, whatever ethnic, political or religious backgrounds we have, we were all aware of the momentous occasion and place in history January 20, 2009 will forever hold. I was glad to be alive, to see it […]