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  • Let’s Get Bored Together: The Practice of Silence and Resisting the Attention Economy

    I am teaching a class this semester at Guilford College called, “The Practice of Silence.” The class is both what it sounds like and a lot more. We are studying the Quaker theology behind the Quaker practice of silence but we’re also studying it from the broader lens of building focus, attention, and learning how […]

  • Remaking a Quaker Studies Syllabus Using The Quaker World

    With the publication of our new book Quaker World, I am having fun remaking my syllabus for my Introduction to Quakerism class this time around. Unfortunately, while the hardback version of The Quaker World is too expensive for students to purchase, faculty interested in teaching subjects related to the Quaker tradition will find an outstanding […]

  • Leadership Amongst Friends – An New Online Woodbrooke Course

    I am co-facilitating an online course on Leadership Amongst Friends with Zelie Gross and John Gray, two Quakers from the U.K. The webinar begins on 23rd April and will go until 13th May 2018. How does leadership work in our non-hierarchical Society of Friends, and what does it mean to take a lead when working […]

  • Quakerism 101: A Very Basic Introduction with Suggested Readings

    Here is a short reading list with some basic background to the Quaker tradition in hopes of helping those who are getting started out and/or want to know more about the history, beliefs, and practice of the Religious Society of Friends. I hope that this list can be of use as people seek understanding and […]

  • Creating a “Collaborative Syllabus” Using Trello

    I believe very strongly in creating a participatory learning environment for students but when it comes to creating a syllabus it seems like the only option is to use the standard “banking” model of education (Freire). As the instructor for a course, I lay out specific texts, assignments and themes for the students to digest in class […]