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  • Book Review: It’s A Dance By Patrick Oden

    Fuller Seminary grad, and fellow blogger Patrick Oden has a new book coming out on November 1st, “It’s a Dance” with Evangelical Friends’ Barclay Press. I remember meeting Patrick three years ago when I was just starting to TA for Ryan Bolger’s Emerging Churches class. We’d been reading each other’s blogs prior to the class…

  • Review: They Like Jesus but Not the Church by Dan Kimball

    Recently, I wrote an review of emerging church leader Dan Kimball’s book “They Like Jesus but Not the Church.” The was for Barclay Press and can be read in its entirety here.

  • An Ordinary Revolution You Probably Shouldn’t Miss

    I just finished Shane Claiborne’s “Irresistible Revolution,” which is the first assignment for the class I am teacher’s aid for and I thought it was a fantastic read.  In fact, if you’ve got nothing better to do in the next thirty minuets go out and pick up this book. I rarely tell anyone to buy…