Category: Poetry

  • A Ritual to Read to Each Other by William E. Stafford

    I love William Stafford‘s poetry. I came across him when we were still living in the Pacific Northwest where he is from. The first poem of his I heard from Parker Palmer when I participated in a renewal retreat with him years ago. It’s a poem I have used in countless writings and presentations: The […]

  • A Spiritual Journey by Wendell Berry

    A Spiritual Journey And the world cannot be discovered by a journey of miles,  no matter how long,  but only by a spiritual journey,  a journey of one inch,  very arduous and humbling and joyful,  by which we arrive at the ground at our feet,  and learn to be at home. ~ Wendell Berry ~

  • Does the heart have a narrow door? by Carol Bialock

    Eric Muhr from Barclay Press shared this poem around earlier this week from a new book of poetry Barclay Press recently published from Carol Bialock, which is really good: Does the heart have a narrow door? Will it allow in just one more of every beast and flower and bird and every song it has […]

  • The Fool’s Song by William Carlos Williams

    I tried to put a bird in a cage. O fool that I For the bird was Truth. Sing merrily, Truth: I tried to put Truth in a cage! And when I had the bird in the cage, O fool that I am! Why, it broke my pretty cage. Sing merrily, Truth: I tried to […]