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  • On Biking: Safety Tips for Drivers

    I posted a video and a few short thoughts on our other blog Weird Fishes about biking and some tips I wish drivers kept in mind when cruising around the city. If you’re interest you can check it out here. 

  • Thoughts on Riding a Fixed-Gear Bike

    About four years ago I came across a video of some people riding fixed-gear bicycles, and I was instantly intrigued by the simplicity and aesthetics of these single-speed bikes. Since that time I’ve become more interested in biking both as a culture and as a mode of transportation. I’ve met a number of people who […]

  • Thanks, Rose Bowl Parade, For The Trash!

    As most of you know yesterday was a big day here in Pasadena because of the annual Rose Bowl Parade. People started camping out on Colorado Blvd. 12pm the day before the parade. And while I won’t fault anyone for wanting to see an army of Storm Troopers and some incredible floats there is another […]

  • Goodbye Lexan Nalgenes

    Emily and I have been tugging around Nalgene water bottles for the past 8 years (as long as we’ve known each other), and have been really happy with their usefulness. Yes, we must love to keep hydrated or something! Well, we recently learned about how harmful the Lexan-made Nalgene bottles are leeching bad chemicals into […]

  • One Argument For Taking the Climate Crisis Seriously

    I found this video on my Friend Joe’s, Peace Church, website. The video presents an argument for why we ought to take the climate crisis seriously, regardless of whether you believe that there is an actual crisis or not. What do you think, do you find this guy’s argument convincing? [youtube]