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  • Quakerism and Sustainability: Camas Friends Practice A New “Plainness”

    I’ve posted about this already on Twitter and Facebook so excuse the repetition, but it seems like it should be here on my blog as well. Plus, I’m really pleased with our church. Camas Friends are doing some pretty cool stuff, and it’s all stuff I cannot take any credit for! (This just shows how […]

  • GiL Video: Resistance and Simplicity: Reflections On Swimming Upstream Resistance and Simplicity from wess on Vimeo. In this video I discuss some of the questions I have around using words like “simplicity” when it comes to living out the Gospel in a consumer culture. With a nod to early Friends history, John Woolman, and some contemporary examples of the greening of capitalism, I […]

  • How Many Burgers (Or Burritos) Does it Take To Fuel Your Bike?

    I remembering seeing this awhile ago in GOOD, a magazine I subscribe to and really like. I meant to post it then but totally forgot about it until today when a friend sent it to me. It’s a pretty simple equation – bicycling rocks, even more than walking! The only thing I’d change about this […]

  • A friend sent this article by Wendell Berry the other day and said it was worth the read, he is right. The article looks at how our insatiable desire for more not only has adverse effects on our lives and economy but also on our environment. This limitlessness that’s rooted in an Englightenment mentality of […]

  • The Story of Stuff: Where It Comes From and Where It Goes

     As you know I’m interested in the environment and how our everyday practices impact it, so I’m always happy to see more people trying to raise awareness through creative means. A friend sent this link around the other day urging us to take the 20 minutes and watch the video. I’m going to do the […]