Category: Green

  • Community Supported Agriculture in Southwest Washington

    As we try to find ways to eat more locally grown, organic produce, it’s always nice to know what are our available (and reasonable) options. Community supported agriculture is one of the ways we can support local farmers through purchasing a “share” from the farmer for the growing season. Last year, through the Camas Farmer’s […]

  • On Earth As it is in Heaven

    This is the last week for peace month at Camas Friends even though January officially ended a couple days ago. I thought why not extend it just a little longer so we can focus on making peace with the earth? To get things started off properly I decided to take a couple walks today. First […]

  • Food, Inc. Documentary on Where Our Food Comes From (Review)

    The tag line for FOOD, inc. is “You’ll never look at your dinner the same way again,” and well, they’re right. This for some of you may be the very reason why you decide in advance to not watch it, or to not read the rest of this post, but let me encourage you to […]

  • Dive! The Film: A Review of Jeremy Seifert’s Documentary on Dumpster Diving

    At Camas Friends Church, we’ve been doing a monthly film and discussion group we’re calling “Last Sundays for the Earth.” The purpose of the event is to watch a film, or have a person come in and facilitate a discussion, around issues in sustainable living (and what we can do about it as the church). […]

  • Michael Pollan’s NY Times Food Rules

    Michael Pollan of the “In Defense of Food” fame has compiled a list of 20 do’s and don’ts for food on the NY Times. It’s not only a great list with some provocative thoughts, but it’s also just kind of fun to flip through. Here are my favorites. Emily and I are really into eating […]