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  • Friendship as a Spiritual Practice

    This is a sermon on Friendship I shared with First Friends meeting on 2023-04-23. This text is based on the story known as the “Walk to Emmaus” in Luke 24:13-35. Why Did We Choose Loneliness? In a recent episode of The Ezra Klein Show titled “The ‘Quiet Catastrophe’ Brewing in Our Social Lives.” Klein and […]

  • Write What You See: Standing In The Great Traditions of Resistance (Revelation 1)

    I want to share the sermon I preached on April 15, 2023, for the American Friends Service Committee’s annual gathering in Philadelphia. Each year AFSC gathers for business, workshops, and community building. During this time, they have a programmed worship service as a part of their time together. This was the second time I was […]

  • Rebuilding the Collection: One Record and One Story at a Time

    Content warning: Mention and discussion about suicide. Yesterday I went to the record store with my wife and 10 year old son C to work on building my collection. I love visiting record stores not only because I love music but because of the memories encased in dust jackets. I went to the record store […]

  • A Little An Aside About The Quaker Nomad

    In my last post, I wrote about Natalie Ramsland’s zine-making Quaker Project, Fold in the Light. It’s fresh, original, and inspiring. But I left out an aside I wanted to share here: One of the zines she included in the mail sent to me is of a Quaker woman named Betsy Kenworthy: The Quaker Nomad […]

  • Fold in The Light – A New Quaker Zine Project

    A few weeks back, I got some mail from someone I didn’t know. As I opened it, these cute little booklets fell out, and a letter addressed to me: Hello, Mr. Daniels. The letter writer, Pacific Northwest Quaker Natalie Ramsland, told me a little about how she came into zine making and why she was […]