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  • Brent Bill: A Modest Proposal – For the Revitalization of the Quaker Message in the United Staes

    Brent Bill, Quaker, author, convergent Friend, and all around good guy, is beginning a series on his blog that I am really looking forward to. In it he’s going to be looking at what the Quaker message is for today. I admitted that I had some interest in the future of the Friends message in […]

  • The Testimony of Witness

    This is my sermon from Sunday. If you’d like a little background to this, you can check out yesterday’s post “In Search of a New Frame for Evangelism and Mission.” This is my attempt at an initial response to the questions I raised there.

  • Quaker Youth Pilgrimage 2010 Epistle

    Micah Bales, one of the leaders of the Quaker Youth Pilgrimage, just posted their Epistle from the trip on his blog. Here’s one section that particularly stands out to me, especially after my recent post on the subject. As a gathered youth, we are empowered to speak of one final, lasting concern. Throughout the pilgrimage […]

  • Quaker Youth Pilgrimage Stops by Camas

    This past weekend 29 youth and 3 adult leaders who have been traveling on a month long spiritual pilgrimage through the Pacific Northwest took a (planned) detour through Camas Washington and spent a few days with those of us at Camas Friends. They all slept and ate in our meeting house, and joined us for […]

  • Lady Wisdom as Mid-Wife (Proverbs 8)

    While I was at Pendle Hill a couple weeks back I mentioned there was a lot of talk about meeting houses closing, there was a lot of talk about death, some literal death, some the death of our meetings and with it a (big) piece of our own stories. But there was more a sense […]