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  • Yoda on Renewing the Tradition

    I was re-watching The Last Jedi with the family yesterday and the scene with Yoda and Luke at the Sacred Tree with all the old texts hit me like a ton of bricks. Yoda is totally convergent, wanting to see the tradition renewed and remixed, while Luke is seen here clinging to “traditionalism.” This reveals […]

  • As The Seed Falls: Building a Generative, Convergent Quakerism

    This is the opening excerpt from a longer post on my Medium Blog about convergent Friends and the Renewal of the Quaker tradition. A Seed Falls Jesus, in speaking about his looming death, talks to his disciples in a metaphor that I want to draw on as we explore the topic of change and renewal together […]

  • Convergent Model of Renewal: A Sketchnote Companion and Discussion Guide (Complete)

    Last night we finished up a six-week discussion at Camas Friends Church on my book. You can purchase “A Convergent Model of Renewal: Remixing the Quaker Tradition in a Participatory Culture” through my publisher Wipf and Stock or on Amazon (it’s more expensive there): “A Convergent Model of Renewal.” I want to share the complete “Sketchnote […]

  • Convergent Model of Renewal: Discussion Guide and Sketchnotes (Chp. 2)

    We are doing a discussion at Camas Friends Church on my book, “A Convergent Model of Renewal.” I am posting the sketchnotes and  discussion questions here each week for anyone who would like to download them and use them. Feel free to share and dispense however that makes sense as usual things are shared here under […]

  • Convergent Friends: A Handbook Part 2 – Starting Your Own Convergent Friends Worship Group

    Three years ago we started a monthly convergent Friends worship gathering in the Camas/Portland Metro area. The goal of the meeting was to bring those Friends who desire to worship together, build relationships and create an open and flexible worship liturgy that can be adapted according to those who host it. Each month we rotate […]