Month: July 2010

  • After 1,000 Blog Posts

    Well, I just noticed that I’ve hit the 1,000 blog post mark. I’m not sure exactly what this means other than I have been blogging for a pretty long time, and have shared a lot of myself with the world. I have been blessed through this blog in more ways than one, and in many […]

  • The New Quaker Ad Network

    Just a quick note to say that Martin Kelley and Friends Journal have teamed up to create the Quaker Ad Network. Which is a pretty cool way for Quaker organizations, ministries and individuals to get the word out about events, products, etc. If you represent one of these groups you should look it up and […]

  • Conversion(s) c

    This is a continuation from posts a and b. I’ve caught myself in the last few years reacting to my Evangelical upbringing around conversion. Why does it have to look and sound one way for everyone? It’s as if to say, “Come, go through the motions, say the magic words, and you can be sure […]

  • Marriage Advice from Barrow Cadbury 1933

    While preparing for a wedding this coming Saturday I ran across this quote from Barrow Cadbury (a Quaker who was related to and worked in the Cadbury Chocolate factory in Bournville England) on marital advice. I really enjoyed reading it. Barrow Cadbury, after forty years of marriage, wrote in 1933 some notes ‘gathered from personal […]

  • There is No Pure Christianity

    A long while back a friend of mine wrote on his twitter this remark: There is no pure Christianity, it is all syncretist. And I agree with this point, all Christianity today is influenced to a smaller or larger extent by outside forces. I’m not sure it’s ever been any different to tell the truth. […]