Month: June 2010

  • Iconoclast: Interview with Wes Howard-Brook

    Here is a really great interview from the Iconoclast this week which looks at the difference between a theology of creation and a theology of empire. The person they interview is Wes Howard-Brook whose commentary on John “Becoming Children of God” is really good (from what I’ve read so far) and who has a new […]

  • The Convergence of Quakerism – Ephesians 2:11ff

    The text from my message given to Camas Friends Church June 6, 2010 Personal Histories In the last couple weeks, I have been reflecting a lot on my own history, my own personal narratives that have shaped my life. With having recently gone home this probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise. I confess […]

  • Lady Wisdom as Mid-Wife (Proverbs 8)

    While I was at Pendle Hill a couple weeks back I mentioned there was a lot of talk about meeting houses closing, there was a lot of talk about death, some literal death, some the death of our meetings and with it a (big) piece of our own stories. But there was more a sense […]

  • The Wounding of Creation

    This morning someone in our meeting requested prayer for the oil spill and during the time of prayer the image of the oil spill came back to me in a powerful way. I envisioned the hole where the spill gushes out as a seeping wound. Creation is deeply wounded, and that wound continues to gush […]

  • Lady Wisdom, Feminine Divine and Proverbs 8

    Last week we discussed Proverbs 8, here are some of my thoughts on the passage. Let’s be honest here, the (divine feminine) language in this passage can be little shocking to American Christianity, which is so often dominated by men. Who is wisdom? Well, whoever she is, she’s a woman. I read this as saying […]