Month: June 2010

  • The Testimony of Enough (Matthew 6:19-34)

    Editorial note: This week we discussed over email the question “What comes to mind for you when you think of plainness (or simplicity)?” We had a ton of responses from people on our church’s email group. All the responses were thoughtful and helpful. Because there was such a great response I didn’t have to cover […]

  • An Uneasy Task for the Church – Romero

    This is the mission entrusted to the church, a hard mission: to uproot sins from history, to uproot sins from the political order, to uproot sins from the economy, to uproot sins wherever they are. What a hard task! It has to meet conflicts amid so much selfishness, so much pride, so much vanity, so […]

  • Composting Quakerism: A Podcast Of Quaker Ministers from the NW

    Last fall a few of us (younger) Quaker ministers from the Northwest Yearly Meeting got together to start work on a podcast. After a little deliberation we decided to call it Composting Quakerism (Facebook page), bringing together two of my very favorite things. Compost is rife with theological allusion, and packed full of living organisms […]

  • Being Dad

    Just the other day I said to my wife, Emily, “I really like being a dad.” I will tell our oldest daughter L that from time to time as well. I find that there are some events that take place, some moments along the journey of the day that really remind me that I really […]

  • The Testimony of Truthfulness (Matt. 5:33-37)

    Text from my sermon June 13, 2010. This morning we begin our summer long discussion on Quaker testimonies with the testimony of truthfulness, or what has more typically been called the testimony of truth-telling, honesty, integrity, against oath-taking, etc. Irregardless of what we call it, listening to, learning, and living the truth are the central […]