Month: February 2009

  • Dress-Down Friday | Bubble Project, Jesus on Twitter and Ash Friday

    This is another Dress-Down Friday for February 27, 2009. Knowing my constant use of the social network twitter, my friend Cate send this: It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted a video from Rocketbook – here’s a little something on advertising: [youtube=] One thing that really stands out to me from the above video is great […]

  • Elvis Perkins on Ash Wednesday

    Today is Ash Wednesday, it is the first day of Lent and one day we reflection on repentance, cleansing and the frailty of life all in preparation for Good Friday and the resurrection. I have some reflections that tie into Lent that I will post as time presents itself, but I felt that Elvis Perkins’ “Ash Wednesday” is worthy […]

  • Stations of the Lord’s Prayer (A Worship Resource)

    This past weekend at our convergent Quaker retreat we had both programmed (planned) and unprogrammed (silent) worship. For the programmed worship on Saturday morning I planned an interactive worship time based around the Lord’s Prayer (a topic I am deeply interested in). In this post I’ve included a video and pictures of the various stations, […]

  • Reflections From The Convergent Retreat 2009

    Since Martin and Robin, the two co-leaders with me of this past weeken’s retreat, have already written their first I figured I better get on writing something because I’m already late! I really had a great time this weekend. Ben Lomond Quaker Center is up in the beautiful Santa Cruz mountains, it’s a lovely place to have […]

  • Dress-Down Friday | Moons, Red Dresses, and Trilogies

    Dress-Down Friday Installment #3,027.5  Quaker Ranter Martin writes about Margaret Fell’s red dress and the challenge she posed to understanding plain dress and Gospel Order. All you philosophy buffs will enjoy Kyle David Bennett’s continental philosophy overview handout. Safari users, here’s a quick tip on how to shrink URL’s. My new favorite sleeping bag. New […]