Month: November 2008

  • Upcoming Blogging Hiatus

    I’ve decided I need a little break from the blog these last couple weeks of the quarter. I’m currently working on my 40+ page paper on Everett Cattell’s life and contribution to Quaker missiology and I need to clear everything else of my desk. The paper is due on December 12th, so until that time…

  • Through Flaming Sword: Spiritual Autobiography of George Fox

     My guess is that many younger Evangelical Quakers know little about George Fox‘s life, ministry and faith or have found reading through his Journal a rough go (myself included). I think Quaker historian Arthur Roberts newly updated and classic text, “Through Flaming Sword” will help to change this. This spiritual autobiography does a splendid job…

  • You Are Not What You Buy (BND 2008)

    Looking for something interesting and provocative to take part in this Thanksgiving? Forget standing in a line outside of Walmart at 4 am on Black Friday, instead consider taking part in “Buy Nothing Day.”

  • Dress-Down Friday | Going Up In Smoke

    [youtube=] It’s Dress-Down Friday again, I hope you’ve got your sandles (or at least some flip-flops) ready.

  • Christmas Album Raises Money For Children

    Peace on Earth Vol. II is a collection of Christmas music put together for the express purpose of raising money for The Children of Uganda Fund. There is a whole laundry list of issues facing Ugandan children, especially those in the north, among the most prominent issues are Malaria and AIDS; AIDS is the cause…