Dress Down Friday – Rushmore’s Tenth Anniversary

Here’s a list of interesting things to entertain you for a few moments.

2 responses to “Dress Down Friday – Rushmore’s Tenth Anniversary”

  1. Wess, glad we got to at least say hello last Sunday. Sorry we didn’t get to chat more. L is a cutie!

    By the way, on the last point in this post, the problems about theological branding are from Halden, not Hayden. I work with Halden. He’s a sharp guy and has one of the best theology blogs on the web.

  2. Chris, good to see you as well. Did you have fun at the show? And thanks for checking, I knew it was Halden, not sure why I put Hayden. I thought you probably worked with him, tell him I enjoy his blog and sorry about the name.