NT Wright on The Colbert Report

One of my favorite New Testament scholars Anglican Bishop NT Wright was on my favorite evening talk show, The Colbert Report. On the show they discuss Wright’s latest book “Surprised by Hope” and what that has to do with heaven, the mission of the church, and new creation.


If you’re interested in getting the transcript go here.

What did you think of the clip?

7 responses to “NT Wright on The Colbert Report”

  1. Wright doesn’t come off as an idiot. That’s a good start. Colbert went easy on him, it seemed, but then I only see those of his interviews that end up on blogs.

    I didn’t hear much about the mission of the church. I don’t have much interest in the life after the life after death – nobody knows for certain and so it’s all the same to me; think I’ll just let the mystery be. (Iris DeMent)

  2. Yes and Yes. Colbert gave Lamott a much harder time, did you see that one and she didn’t fare as well. I agree with you point about after life stuff, it’s the same for me. But on the other hand, there is a lot of people who do think about it and I’m glad he’s trying to rework it a little. All in all, I didn’t buy the book yet and don’t know if I’ll have time to read it or not.

  3. I was kind of meh on the interview. I like Colbert a lot, but he’s not interested in getting the views of his guest — he’s interested in getting enough out of them to make his next joke. He’s satirizing the cable pundit show in which the host’s views are the most important. It’s not a great platform for the interviewees. I agree that Wright came across better than Lamott, but I’m not sure either of them understood that they’re on the show as comic foils. Oddly enough, I think The Daily Show has better interviews in terms of hearing substantive information from the guests.

  4. I’m currently finishing up Surprised by Hope, and this interview just brought a wry smile on my face.

    It’s a really good book, and is slowly changing my views about heaven. Not that it doesn’t exist, but somehow giving people this hope. I started the book as an apathetic dispensationalist, and have ended up with no theological stance about end-times/the after-life etc. I’m starting to believe that I should strive to bring the Kingdom on earth, and it’s up to Christ to make all things right. 🙂

    Sorry if I sound a little muddled.

  5. Oh boy, I didn’t finish one of my sentences. In the second paragraph, I need to clarify. It’s not that heaven doesn’t exist, but I’m focusing more about showing people the hope that Christ has to offer, even if it’s a little glimmer.

    See, this is me on sleeping pills. I am absolutely incoherent.

  6. Read the book and it’s fantastic. Great, fresh thinking.

    It’s very interesting that so many Christians are actually spouting out something closer to Plato rather than Paul when they talk about the afterlife.

    What’s great also is that Wright leads us from healthy theology to action as we seek to be signposts to the Kingdom.

    Can’t recommend this highly enough.

  7. Thanks for the comments. I do hope to read this book at some point, I am especially curious as to what Wright has to say about Mission in the text. Is it something he covers pretty well?