Radiohead’s “All I Need” For MTV’s EXIT

Jarrod McKenna posted this video on his blog yesterday. It is a music video of Radiohead’s “All I Need,” juxtaposing children on opposite sides of the world: one group rich, one very poor. They video is held together through a pair of shoes.  The point of the video? “Some things cost more than you realize.” It’s a powerful and moving video, and worth watching. It’s for MTV’s EXIT a campaign meant to bring awareness to human trafficking and exploitation. Here’s the video:


On related notes: my friends at the Sold Project are working on this issue and you should check out what they’re up to, and this also reminded me of the Simple Living campaign Peter Rollins recently wrote about.

8 responses to “Radiohead’s “All I Need” For MTV’s EXIT”

  1. The video left me absolutely speechless and I think it might be able to go without saying the emotions i felt watching it. Mostly it was a good fresh reminder of what side I really am on and just a greater awareness that something needs to be done. The truth is we aren’t ignorant of it anymore and that makes us responsible to do something. What that something is…i’m not sure right now.

    I don’t know. It’s a great video and one i won’t soon forget.

  2. I hear ya Kristen, for many of us, it’s putting this now into practice. I know there are still tons of people who either aren’t aware or don’t think about this stuff, but for those of us in the know we need to act.

    I’d suggest the first place(s) to start is to think about consuming less, being aware of where the stuff you buy comes from and trying to, when possible, by used or second-hand.

  3. Great video for a great band. I’ll definitely be “sharing” this one on the sidebar of my blog.

    Random question, how are you connected to the Sold Project? I went to school with one of the founders, Rachel Sparks and have kept in contact with what they are doing through various emails and such. Small world!

  4. Hey Michael – I went to school with Rachel Goble, she was started the “Elpis Project” and joined with Rachel Sparks on the Sold Project not too long ago. One of my good friends is one of Rachel Spark’s roommates. Small world indeed!

  5. Wess,
    I think this fair trade is the new joyful plain dress. Imagine if we never bought sweatshop shoes and clothes again. What an amazing witness. Brign on the NEW JOYFUL PLAIN DRESS!! 🙂

    I’ve been expreimenting with this for seven years and it is either dull and leagalistic… or (!) an amazing practice to develope a joyful kindgom imagination. 🙂 I think their is an article in this.