Barclay Press Essay:The Temptation To Surrender

Barclay Press, the main Evangelical Quaker publisher, has totally revamped their website and invited five columnists to write for them over the next year. I am one of their columnists, along with Joseph Thouvenel, Pam Ferguson,  Eric Muhr, and Nancy Thomas. The new site and featured columns launched yesterday. I was really excited to receive the invitation to write for Barclay, they’ve played a big role in helping me first get published, their staff is wonderful to work with, and I really like what they’re doing their.  As a press they have a great mix of spirituality and faith in everyday life, emerging and missional church theology and Quaker books available.

If you’d like to follow my essays on Barclay, you can watch my author page here and read my newly written bio (I know, how exciting!). I’ll be taking this opportunity to develop some of my thinking that’s been influenced by cultural studies, and use those insights to help interpret faith within today’s world. I am trying to take the perspective that these essays are kind of like interventions or disruptions in our everyday formulations of faith. I hope these articles will stimulate some great conversation, and open up new possibilities for the Spirit to work in our lives and churches.
My first essay is titled, “The Temptation to Surrender,” and is on politics, peace, and the Kingdom of God. I hope you enjoy!

2 responses to “Barclay Press Essay:The Temptation To Surrender”

  1. I had bookmarked the article you wrote a while ago in Barclay Press about about The Common Meal (the title was something like that!). I’ve been meaning to blog about it, but hadn’t gotten around to it. Now I have time and I’ve been blogging about the purpose of the Church. But I clicked on the link today and it’s gone! Do you know to where it has moved? I hope it’s still up somewhere, because it was good.


  2. Hi Daja,
    I’m not sure what happened. They’ve updated their site, so I just emailed the editor and will find out if it was just moved or if it got deleted. I’ll get back to you/