Quakers and Zits the Comic Strip

This is the comic from Zits today, a friend of mine sent it to me:

It’s true, I do have pretty wild weekends, all things considered. But I can’t leave the comic alone for getting me right, I’d like to press in on it just a bit. I actually really enjoy this comic strip, it can be fairly accurate in its satire of teenager-dom. That said, there’s a tragic assumption here: that Quakers don’t (need to) study?

[edited: thanks kyle.]

7 responses to “Quakers and Zits the Comic Strip”

  1. No, Wess, on the contrary, the tragic assumption in this strip is that Quakers do not need to study. Come on! Hasn’t Zizek taught you anything! 😉

  2. Actually, I thinkthe tragic assumption is that Quakers don’t have interesting weekends. Although I found the comic strip humorous, I also thought there was a bit to stereotyping going on.


  3. @cath, yes it is certainly an old stereotype! Yet, I think at one level all comic strips work on very broad generalizations, especially Zits. It’s kind of funny to see a reference to a religious group at all, I guess they figured Quakers won’t mind!

    @Allison, nice! Haha, I like the old quaker guy and then you, that’s awesome! What are you eating? I hope it is an oatmeal cookie?! 🙂

  4. Oh it happened to be on Christmas and my friend made red and green buttermilk pies. I like how the green pie matches the green heart on my shirt!