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(From OBAMA – Obey Giant)

I’ve been debating whether to announce my choice for the presidential race, partly because I know we don’t all agree on who’s the best person for the job (and some more strongly than others), and partly because I hadn’t found an opportune time to say it. But after seeing this poster from I couldn’t help myself any longer. I recently talked to my friend Kevin about why I hadn’t said much about the candidates yet, and realized that some of it comes from my own desire to keep things at peace. There’s a part of me that loathes getting into heated arguments over things like this. But there is another, almost equally as strong, side of me that is extremely opinionated. A pleasant mixture!

Anyways, I am proudly supporting Obama’s campaign. I’ve liked him for quite awhile, I like where he is as an overall candidate, and for me he’s not a one “issue” wonder. Up to now I’ve never been that interested in the Presidency, I’ve only been able to vote since the last time elections and well, I was less than interested in the options. But Obama’s got me not only excited about the presidential race, but about the possibility of the future of America. I think a lot of young people feel this way (and possibly the not-so young), and it’s a good feeling, like maybe we are getting a chance to have our voices heard now, and that maybe (hopefully), a new generation of Americans will become interested in directing our country’s path. For me my faith and politics are not separate parts of life and so I’ve taken time making this choice, knowing there is no perfect candidate out there, and I pray it’s a good choice and for a hopeful future.

So here’s to Obama on Feb 5th, and November. I don’t plan on hitting you up with a lot of Obama stuff, but when there’s relevant news you can bet I won’t be shy about anymore.

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  1. Funny, there is a lot I admire about Obama, but the poster isn’t among them. It looks to me too much like a Nazi propaganda poster.

  2. Actually, when I saw the poster my first reaction was, “Wow, that looks so Soviet.” But maybe you’re too young to remember that stuff.

    I read “Dreams from My Father” a few weeks ago when I was laid up sick and I mostly liked it, so it does incline me favorably toward Obama. The section about Kenya alone was just fascinating, especially in light of the current turmoil there.

  3. I like that poster.

    I wish I could support Obama… he’s young and visionary and is sort of a breath of fresh air on the political spectrum.

    Unfortunately, just as I would never have supported a pro-slavery candidate back in the 1800s, I cannot, in good conscience, vote for a pro-choice candidate now.

  4. Anna,
    I respect your position. Just wondering why abortion holds so much weight as you consider a candidate.

    A consistent pro-life ethic would also consider how war kills innocent lives. Obama was against this war from the beginning. I too am pro-life. That is why I am excited about a president who will not take us into a war with dubious justification (no WMDs, stable regime change impossible?).


  5. Thanks for the comments. I also agree with Brian’s basic point. I think the pro-life and pro-choice debate is a false binary and is far more complex than that. Unfortunately our political world tends toward making voting blocks out of these (false) binaries. For instance, in my own theology pro-life means that I am for life at every turn.

    I also think that it’s more complex because we need a political system that not only looks at death as a key problem in society, but also the causes that lead to these decisions. Unemployment, healthcare, education, housing and immigration. So my interest in Obama is that I think his overall approach may be a more hopeful (and just) political program, which will work for all these issues in a way that moves beyond a yes or no on one issue.

    Of course, my cynical side comes out as well and says only time will tell, and hopefully what he says he’ll do will actually be done.

  6. I think Obama would be a fine president. My first choice is Ron Paul but Obama would be my second choice.

  7. Wess,

    I am glad that you have come out with your political opinions. It shows courage and character that you will not shy away from these important discussions of politics and the Gospel. I too feel very strongly about these issues and earnestly pray for a future of peace and God’s justice. I think you know me well enough that I would probably disagree with Obama’s position on virtually every topic, but I think that we can agree that we need to make this election a matter of focused and persistent prayer. Our knowledge, or any perspective leader’s knowledge will never be enough to “right the wrongs” in our world. We need the Spirit’s daily intervention. That is our hope.

    I think our unity in prayer would be far more beneficial to the community of Christ than a heated argument between the two of us on policy. I lay down my arms before I am enticed to pick them up.

    Peace be with you.

  8. @Kevin – “Our knowledge, or any perspective leader’s knowledge will never be enough to “right the wrongs??? in our world. We need the Spirit’s daily intervention. That is our hope.” I could not agree more and I hope that we all take the time to pray for not only for these elections and our leaders but for the life and peace of the whole world.

    @Daja – I am honored you ever held my blog in such high regard! Thanks.