Our Baby Daughter Arrives! 12.19.2007

Mom and Baby

On Wednesday December 19th, 2007 at 4:21am our baby daughter was born. She’s 6.1 lbs, 19 inches long, wonderfully healthy and ridiculously beautiful! The whole thing was such a holy experience, I am still buzzing from it! This baby is soooo awesome! Mom did a fantastic job and remembered the dutch as well! We made it to the hospital at 1:15am and had the baby just a little more than 3 hours later. At about 4am the nurses realized that Emily was complete, and the baby was ready to come, in fact they told her to stop pushing, we waited 16 min. for the doctor to arrive, and about 5 min later she was born!

We should be home tomorrow (Friday) afternoon sometime and I will post more sometime after that, there is no internet available at the hospital. Thank you all for your support and prayers.

You can see the whole set of photos here.

28 responses to “Our Baby Daughter Arrives! 12.19.2007”

  1. YAY!! Much sweetness and blessings on all THREE of you. How wonderful and full of wonderment your days are going to be now. I’m very happy for you.

    My daughter shares your daughter’s first name, btw … it’s a wonderful one. Good choice 😀

  2. Congratulations to you all! Welcome little one.

    Tell Emily I can tell she did a great job. L. doesn’t even look all scrunchy like most newborns do. And Emily looks great too – in that picture with L. and the red and white jammies on? Wow.

  3. 1. awesome!

    2. congratulations!

    3. so i’m guessing no dress down friday?

    4. new theme?!

    5. a baby off the grid . . . nice thought. and way to be proactive about privacy.

  4. OH! I love this picture with her eyes open. She is so precious, lovely…all those beautiful words. =) YAY

  5. i honestly don’t even know what to say. There are few things that have left me speechless but this has.

    Congrats. I am excited for you. I know you’ll make an amazing over protective father.

    And by the way…she’s absolutely the most beautiful baby i have ever seen.

    Happy fatherhood to you.

  6. Oh Wess and Emily she is so lovely! I’m sending you both big hugs from this side of the big ocean, and please give the little one a kiss from me. Love you both, Nessa

  7. That’s so awesome, Wess! Congratulations to you and Emily! I’m also glad it went so fast. As it turned, out she went into labor at about the same time as my cousin, but my cousin’s labor lasted 36 hours so the baby didn’t come out until the middle of last night. (Fortunately, they both turned out fine.)

    Amazing — I was waiting for two holiday babies, both firstborn, and they’re both early. Happy Holidays indeed!

  8. Thanks, everyone, for your wonderful comments. We’ve just come home earlier today and are getting settled in. It’s really good to be home with L.

  9. I’m usually near the top of the comments but not this time. Sorry to be late. I’ll chime in accompanyment that she looks great–and so does Emily, are you SURE she just gave birth? I’m glad the luck was with you with the easy labor.

    I see your name is #439 on the girls ranking list. Impressive, though it is rising fast and its most common nickname has come out of nowhere as a name in itself into the top 50 so you might just be the trendsetters.

  10. Wow, she really is beautiful, I can’t wait to meet her. I think I am going to have to get one myself. . .but later, after I get married.

  11. Wess,

    Hey, congrats. Nothing like it. Our daughter is five months old and it’s amazing. Maybe we can hang out in the coffee shop sometime with them drinking coffee and discussing theology and web design. You know, young baby girls love nothing more.


  12. Hey, Wess. Just got back to civilization and internet. So exciting about your new baby! An early Christmas gift. Bring her to visit! =) Praise God for new life!