Dress Down Friday | NES + Guitar Hero = No Little Kind Pranks?

Dress Down Friday

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9 responses to “Dress Down Friday | NES + Guitar Hero = No Little Kind Pranks?”

  1. I’m excited to report that next-gen GuitarHero will include Bluetooth connectivity (I saw it last night at the Sony shop here in SF), meaning you can rock out like Pete Townsend without the cord holding you up from throwing your axe into the air.

    (a converted GH gamer in Thailand)

  2. Man, that Prank War 6 video is terrible, but in a very funny way! I wonder if they are still friends after that one?

  3. @Chad, I had no idea you area a GH. I’ll have to practice my moves.

    @Shawn, I wondered the same thing. What would you do?

    @Jennelle, Thanks! Everytime I look at that picture I smile, I love the site where I found it out.

  4. You’re in Friends Journal, September 2007 edition, see page 16 (‘Under the hood’ of a blog), or your blog is.